Jan 2019 Mystery Boxes have all been shipped

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So on the 28/12/2018 we shipped out the first 10 EU based 3d printing mystery box. 

We have been very excited to get them out and everyone in the UK should all receive them tomorrow New Years Eve. All international ones should be in the new year.

All packages have been sent with tracking as all boxes in the future will be aswell (i like to know when they are arrive and also helps me see how long the boxes take to be delivered to the various places) 

Here at ScaldaYT hope you all enjoy the first mystery box as much as i have enjoyed putting it together for you.

Also to say thankyou to the 10 people that purchused the first box be it a single  or a subscription i have added a code for 15% the life of a subscription based box, to the people that have already got the subscription based box either used the 15% off code i sent out in the pre-registration emails i sent out or i will apply the 15% to your subscription as a way to say thank you for support us.

Below are some of the pictures i took while i was making the boxes so you get a little sneak peek of whats inside but i want to share.

So yet again i will say thankyou to you all and i will see you in the next post