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The reason for doing this is because we’ve seen interest in the UFO boxes in Europe, but due to the high shipping costs in getting the boxes to here from the United States the value of the contents is lowered and doesn’t make it a reasonable purchase. While Alien3D would love to provide the boxes to countries outside of the U.S., it is simply not a realistic option at this time.
We have spoken with Alien3D, and they are fully supportive of our idea to create our own mystery box service and will be helping us to get this off the ground here in Europe. We are really excited about this effort to expand and bring the same type of service, quality and enjoyment to the European 3D Printing Community.

Full Details

3D Mystery boxes will ship out the last week of every month. A timer has been set up and will display on the website to display the last day to sign up to receive the current month box which will generally be 2 days before shipping.

Monthly 3D Mystery Box

Each Mystery Box will contain a minimum of 4 filaments at approximately 20 meters in length. Currently only 1.75 diameter filaments are available.

1 additional item will be included in each box that is related to 3D Printing technology. 

Additional items may be included in each box depending on what we can acquire for any given month. Example items may include coupon codes for discounts on participating websites, gift cards, software license codes or free samples.

The mechanical/electrical parts for a project that either we designed or someone else has done for us.

1 subscriber each month will receive the “Lucky Blocks Box”
This box will include everything from the normal subscription box*, as well as 1 or multiple products provided by partners or sponsors.
The subscriber will be picked at random by a computer to facilitate the randomness.

Items may be substituted, for example, if the Box comes with a small item the Lucky Blocks Box may instead come with a large version of the same item.