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Our Story

Back in February 2018 i came into a bunch of amazon vouchers and with that i i bought my very first 3D printer an Anet A8 and that has brought great joy to myself and family and friends. Since then i have got my Anet A8 printing extremely well with very little modifications.
I then bought a 2nd Anet A8 to build the Core A8 design that is found on thingiverse and that was a great experience to do and achieve i learned alot from building that, since then i have been busy getting a new studio sorted (which is an old caravan conversion) which brings me to where i am today and this website.

The Need for this website

So this website was started to facilitate the beginning of the manufacturing side to my company, starting with the “3D Printing Mystery Boxes”

“The main reason for doing this is because we’ve seen interest in the UFO boxes in Europe, but due to the high shipping costs in getting the boxes to here from the United States the value of the contents is lowered and doesn’t make it a reasonable purchase. While Alien3D would love to provide the boxes to countries outside of the U.S., it is simply not a realistic option at this time. We have spoken with Alien3D, and they are fully supportive of our idea to create our own mystery box service and will be helping us to get this off the ground here in Europe. We are really excited about this effort to expand and bring the same type of service, quality and enjoyment to the European 3D Printing Community. I hope that with your support we can provide an amazing product to help showcase filaments and accessories.”


Above is why I am doing this with my company with the look to the future to expand into other areas whether it be a reseller for US-based 3D printing products to having our own filament. We aren’t looking to just stock UK and Europe based products as you can get those here anyway.

I hope that clears up a little of your interest in the company.


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