July 2019 Box reveal

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Thank You to this month’s sponsors and contributors and companies who are included in this month’s box.

The July 2019 Mystery 3D Printing Box has landed. I would like to thank those who subscribed this month! Below you will find details of what was contained in this month’s box! If you have not signed up to start receiving your box next month, click here to get more details!

This Months Prize was an MK8 0.4 mm Nozzle, DIAMONDIZED
From 3dnozzles.com

Derek was the lucky subscriber this month to receive this month “Lucky Blocks Box”

Coupon Codes / Swag!

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Filament Samples!

SpoolWorks Edge Filament

1.75mm – Cement Grey


ASA Extrafill “Grey Blue”

Reprapper Tech

ABS 1.75mm White to Purple Ultra Violet Reactive


PLA 1.75mm Grey to White Thermochanging filament

I will replace all the photos with my own prints once complete

Accessory This Month!

Heater Block holder for 3D Printer Nozzle – The Wrench

This design by
Aeronautical over on Thingiverse I have provided you with
4x prongs and 2 screws to complete this tool. You will need to use the files over at the Thingiverse page above to grab the files. Please make sure you post a make on the guy page to share the love.

Bonus Project!

Wemos Indoors Weather Station

This month we have an indoor temp and humidity sensor

This was chosen as it came about needing to know the humidity in our maker spaces, this was during this ChitChat show over on Cat3D’s channel since I was on that hangout talking about the mystery box. so I set about finding a design that worked, and to the right is what I ended up with. all the project files are below.

Included in the box is the Wemos D1 Mini control board, 4 Dupont jumper cables, a BME280 sensor

Please don’t forget to share your project results on the social media and use the tag #eu3dmysterybox

Community Reactions!

Great video from 311 Props