June 2019 Box reveal

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Thank You to this month’s sponsors and contributors and companies who are included in this month’s box.

The June 2019 Mystery 3D Printing Box has landed. I would like to thank those who subscribed this month! Below you will find details of what was contained in this month’s box! If you have not signed up to start receiving your box next month, click here to get more details!

This Months Prize was a 3D Pen

Jan Hansen Was the lucky subscriber this month to receive this months “Lucky Blocks Box”

Coupon Codes / Swag!

  • A mystery bag Has been added to the box that was left over from the 3DMeetUpUK to say sorry for the lateness and that there was some damaged filament in some of the boxes

  • Stickers

Filament Samples!


PLA Filament – 1.75mm – Multicolor Galaxy


PLA 1.75mm Sea Green


Techna CarbLoaded PET – 500g

3D Warhorse PLA Filament Black

Accessory This Month!

A Deburring tool

Great for removing that little to much squash from your prints or just to clean up those stubben holes

Bonus Project!

3D Printer Monitor for OctoPrint

This month we have the 3d monitor for octoprint (+ various other uses)

This was chosen because it is a useful item, you can print the case from one of the samples within the box so that’s a bonus. I hope you all enjoy this project. all the information is via the thingiverse page thanks to Qrome For having some great documentation and sharing this design for everyone.

Included in the box is the oled screen, the Wemos D1 Mini control board and also 4 dupont jumper cables.

Please don’t forget to share your project results on the social media and use the tag #eu3dmysterybox

Community Reactions!

Thank you so much derek for the unboxing.
Mia gets to unboxing this months box