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So 36 1/2 hours later I have the jansentee3d “crusader castle” from Cults3D/MyMiniFactory is finally complete.
Had a filament swap at 35mm.
It’s printed in prusament Galaxy black & Prusament Galaxy Silver.
Using FilamentFrenzyPrusa3D MK3 Simplify3D.
0.2 layer height. There is lots of detail to this model and i enjoyed seeing it print.

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“Nona Helical Vent Chandelier” By
Mark Durham

So here Is a completed 22 hour print in Filamentive Cosmic Gold.
Printed on the Prusa MK3 using FilamentFrenzy Simplify3D profile.
Printed at 0.2 layer height.
Model is from MyMiniFactory the “Nona Helical Vent Chandelier” by Mark Durham.

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